Building the DarkTable Sensor Noise Profile to Support a New Camera

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Install the "raw linear" style in DarkTable

Open DarkTable
In library mode, expand the right plugin panel and open the "styles" plugin.
Click the "Import" button. Navigate to the the tools/noise directory in the downloaded darktable-master directory, and import the "raw linear.dtstyle" file. These are the DarkTable settings that are required for the images that you’ve just created.

Process the noise profile raw images

Copy the raw images to your workstation in the normal manner, and import them into DarkTable
Select all of the test images, and then double click the "raw linear" style in the styles plugin list. This will apply the style to all of the images, and at the same time, create the sidecar .CR2.xmp files. Once that’s done, you can close darktable.

In a terminal, navigate to the directory containing the test images

Run the gen-profile script:

<darktable download directory>tools/noise/gen-profile -d .

Note the dot at the end of the line. Thats part of the command. It tells gen-profile to use the files in the current directory.

If gen-profile needs you to download any additional software it will print the missing required libraries in red on the terminal screen. In Ubuntu, you can just go back to the Synaptic package manager and download whatever it wants. If it lists gphoto2, you can ignore that message. Gphoto2 is only needed if we want gen-profile to build images for us. We’ve already done that, so gphoto2 is optional.
If you needed to install any additional support, rerun gen-profile as before (with the -d . option).
It takes quite a while, and prints lots of messages on the terminal, but as long as it runs successfully, and accepts all of the test images, that’s all you need to do. When it eventually completes, it will tell you what to do next.

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