Building the DarkTable Sensor Noise Profile to Support a New Camera

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Sending your new camera profiles to Darktable

Your new profiles will be included in a future DarkTable release. When you ran the gen-profile script, it automatically built a file named dt-noiseprofile-<some date YYYYMMDD>.tar.gz. In the directory where your profile images are. You need to get that file to the DarkTable development team.

There are a few glaring issues with DarkTable support for new cameras, and this is one. After several months of trying, one of the developers (Roman) clued me in. He told me that I should open an issue on Here are the particulars you’ll need in order to do that.

Tracker = "Camera Support"
Subject = "Noise profile: ${Camera maker} ${Camera model}"

The parts enclosed in ${ … } contain your particular data. That ${ } business is just a common shell coding convention. Don’t worry about it for now.

If you don’t already have a login account for redmine, of course you’ll need to get one. When you connect with the site, a login dialog is presented. One of the things it allows you to do is to create a new login. That’s very straight-forward. A confirmation/activation email is sent, and when you respond as it instructs you, your account is created.

Once that’s done, log in using your new credentials. You probably won’t be in the right place though, so after you’ve logged in, just enter in the address bar of your browser (or click this shortcut)

You’ve already logged in, so you will go directly to the form that allows entry of new issues.

Pay particular attention to Roman’s instructions, and make sure that your issue has

Tracker = Camera Support
Subject = Noise profile: <Your Camera maker> <Your Camera model>

You also must attach the tarball (dt-noiseprofile-<some date>.tar.gz. in the directory where your profile images are) using the upload field at the bottom of the form. Complete the rest of the required form fields, (the ones with the “*”; They’re pretty self explanitory) and submit your new issue.

DarkTable doesn’t seem to have a contact email address. At least I couldn’t find one. If you need technical support, you can submit a question on the developer’s mailing list though. You can register by sending an email to

The email doesn’t need to contain anything in particular. Just send the email, and you will get a reply telling you how to complete your registration, and also how to unsubscribe, should you desire to do so.

To post a message to the list, send your email message to Please remember this list is for technical issues only.

That’s it!

Pretty simple, right? Well, maybe not, but my fond hope is that it’s easier in the doing than in the figuring out how to do it. DarkTable is the only game in town if you run linux, and it’s really an excellent application. Development is active and good things are still coming down the pipe to make it even better. Most of the time, you can just be a photographer and use it, but this one time, you have to put on your tweed sports jacket with the patches on the elbows for just a little bit. Buck up binky! You can handle it!

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One thought on “Building the DarkTable Sensor Noise Profile to Support a New Camera

  1. Thanks! It was very helpful! I felt lost reading the original post on dt website.
    I profiled my Nikon D5600 and it worked like a charm!
    The only thing that didn’t work was testing the presets.json, but I merged it in the noiseprofies.json and voila!


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