The Revelation

Reality rippled, and I simply wasn't there anymore.

I was sitting at the base of a long stone stairway that flared at the sides and broadened like the terminus of a river. Suddenly, I knew the answer to the questions that had been troubling me. A wonderful feeling swept over me, and I wanted to stay forever at the bottom of that stairway. I had never felt such exquisite happiness before.

"Is this Heaven?", I asked.

"No, but Heaven is nearby."

"Are you God?"

"You asked me to prove myself, so you know the answer, but I will tell you. I have many names. The most accurate is 'I Am'."

"My question was blasphemous. Are you angry with me?"

"No. You are not capable of doing anything that would make me angry with you. You will never become a mass murderer, a war criminal, or a torturer of innocents."

"Are you male or female? I don't get a sense of either."

"You've answered your own question. Gender is only needed for reproduction, and I have no need. I Am."

"The holy books tell us that women must be obedient and serve men. Is that right?"

"The holy books were written by men who understood the truth imperfectly. Their culture did not permit them to envision a condition vastly different than their own. Women and men are simply different manifestations of the same Truth."

"If women are the the same as men, why can't we understand their logic?"

"Would you prefer to have two left legs? How would you stand upright?"

"But, women can't settle the differences of nations. They don't like to fight."

"Some fight very well, and occasionally that is necessary, but many women know how to reason and settle differences with compromise. Fighting is always less efficient than compromise."

"Many religions teach that theirs is the only true faith. Which one is right?"

"There are many truths and many paths that arrive at the same destination. Once you have started down your path, it is sometimes impossible to change to a different one, but the other paths are no less true. The only difference is their length."

"Is homosexuality offensive to you as many religions tell us?"

"Ducks and turtles both hatch from eggs. Baby ducks can easily learn to swim, just like turtles, but they also easily learn how to fly. Would you force a turtle to fly just because it hatched from an egg?"

"This is the most wonderful place I have every been. May I stay here?"

"No. You must leave and fulfill your measure of days as before."

"Will I be allowed to return? The eastern mystics claim they often experience your presence and speak with you."

"Yes, you will be allowed to return, but not for a very long time."

Reality rippled, and I simply wasn't there anymore.


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